Welcome to “Obstacle Obsession”

I am extremely excited to bring to you the first outdoor dedicated obstacle course training centre in the Redlands for both Adults and Kids.

Come along and experience a Obstacle Obsession ! Your experience will include all training techniques to get you ready for that next Obstacle Event, plus have some great fun on my purpose built obstacles. Kids have an awesome time doing relays, activities, games and of course the obstacles.

If your looking to get fit, build strength, have fun, experience life outside your comfort zone, then Obstacle Obsession is for you! It’s a great way to keep the kids active, fit and healthy and off those Electronics!

Don’t be scared of these Obstacle Events and think, “I could never do that”, because they are for everyone. Anyone wanting a challenge, anyone wanting something different, anyone wanting to have some team fun. Let me get you ready and excited ! There is more and more Events for the kids as well now, so why not get them prepared.

Come and join us as an individual or bring your team mates and all prepare together for your next event. You can even join my Team and do the events with Obstacle Obsession.

Saturday Morning Sessions for Both Adults and Kids or even a combined class so you can train with your child                                                                                                              Saturday Mornings 7am Adults & Family Session                                                                       Wednesday Mornings 8am for Adults with Bubs n Toddlers                                                 Mondays 4.15pm for Adults and Kids


Extra Services :  Click on individual pages for pricing

  • Obstacle Training (Saturdays 7am) Family Session
  • Team Training (Private Booking or Join in Saturday Morning Sessions if numbers allow)
  • Private Training (Private Booking) One on One or Small Group
  • Kids Obstacles (Saturday Mornings, Mondays at 4.15pm)
  • Kids Holiday 1/2 Day Camps (School Holidays, Mon-Fri )
  • Kids Holiday 1 Hour Obstacle Session (School Holidays, Mon – Fri  )
  • Kids Birthdays (Private Booking)
  • Sports Teams Bonding Days – Adults and Kids (Private Booking)
  • Private PT Studio
  • Weight Control

24 thoughts on “Home

    1. Hi Sonya, for 10 kids it is $15 per child for 1 hour or $20 for 1.5 hours.
      You can choose to bring the kids down just for the obstacle session time frame then go home for the party or Karingal Scouts will allow all your guests to use the grounds and bbq areas for $3.20 per all other guests. ( No extra charge for the 10 kids, just your extra guests). You are then able to continue your party without the hassle of moving.
      What age group are the kids and what date are you looking at ?


      1. Hi Jayne,
        The ages are 10 year olds with maybe to 7 year olds. Looking at May 7 in the afternoon.


  1. Hi. I coach the Redlands 10 Girls Rep Touch Football Team and am looking for somewhere to have a bonding day. We have 11 players and 2 coaches. Can you please let me know what type of obstacles/activities you provide, and a price. Possibly looking at the weekend of Saturday 28th May 2016. There are also 2 x 10yr old boys teams that may be interested, but haven’t run it past them yet.


    1. Hi Karleigh
      Obstacle Obsession would be the perfect place for a team bonding activity, along with it being beneficial towards their training for touch football.
      Like my Facebook Page – Obstacle Obsession – to view more photos of actual obstacles.
      I incorporate working as a team into climbing, crawling, running, balancing and simply having fun on the obstacles.
      There is high walls, monkey bars, tyre climbing wall, net crawls, balancing logs just to name a few.
      My number is 0414 604 168 if you wish to speak with me personally or arrange to come and view site.
      Prices start from $15 per participant for the first hour. Just depends on how long a session you would prefer.
      looking forward to hearing from you.
      Jayne de Luca
      Obstacle Obsession


  2. I’ve seen that you have the obstacles course available this Wednesday for an 1 hour , just wondering how much it is for a child?


  3. Hiya! I’m interested in the kids holiday 1 hour obstacle course and the instructions suggest to go to the individual pages for pricing but I can’t quite see how to go about that (maybe because I’m on my phone?)
    Could you please let me know pricing and how to go about booking ☺


    1. Hi Jodi
      There should be 3 lines underneath each other in the right hand corner, this opens the other pages when on your mobile.
      1 Hr sessions are $15 per child.
      I have vacancies on Thursday 22nd, Monday the 26th or Wed the 28th.
      My number is 0414604168, just text or call to book in.


  4. Hi there. Can’t seem to find your address. Where is the obstacle course? I was thinking of bringing my 7yo for an hour long session on Saturday.


  5. Hi
    I have a 14 year old girls tocu football team and looking to do some bonding session for them. The girls are all new to each other and would be great to combine some fitness and bonding activities together.

    What is the price for a 1.5hr session on a Sunday or Saturday?

    There are 12 girls.


    1. Hi April
      Mums and Bubs is 4.15pm Mondays and 7.30am Wednesdays. Cost is $15
      Training schedule is always built around the kids. Depending on how old, they sit in their pram until they are too restless.
      I basically look after them while you are training. Some exercise we incorporate the bubs. There is toys and balls to keep them occupied
      but we are out in the bush so they will get grubby. My phone number is 0414604168 if you need any further info or wish to book.


  6. Hi. I was just wondering if “Train Till Your Drained” was happening in 2018. I’m looking at challenging a couple of obstacle races this year and thought the extra training may be of use.


  7. Hi,
    Seeing if you do private sessions for a home school group? We have 8 kids. Do you do during the week, preferably Thursdays?


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